New Jersey Department

Auxiliary to Sons of

Union Veterans of the Civil War

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A Brief History of the Department

The New Jersey Department was formed on September 1, 1904 in Paterson, NJ
The Charter members were: Miss Jennie McBride, Mrs. M. Hofomeister, Mrs. S. Lister,
Lena Neeb, Mrs. C. Tournier, Mrs. L. Smallwood, Mrs. M. Sutton, Mary Tredo,
Mrs. Mary Cyester, Mrs. M. I. Crawford, Mrs. J. Cunningham, Mrs. F. Brick,
Mrs Grace Bush, Mrs. Rose Rockenstyre, Mrs. Mary Austin, Mrs. P. M. Pennell,
Miss. T. McBride, Nellie McGill, Mrs. Nettie Lowe, and Mrs. Georgiana Woerner.

The first Department President was Jennie McBride and the Secretary was Magdalene Neeb.
The National President of 1903 was Addie M. Wallace

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